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PUHURI can be used in all normal indoor environments. DO NOT USE OR STORE THE DRYER IN EXTREME MOIST CONDITIONS. AVOID WATER SPRAY OR SPLASH. If placed in a closet, make sure that there is enough air circulation through the lower and upper parts of the closet. PUHURI will dry all kinds of gloves and footwear fast and effectively - as many as 32 items at a time.

  • PUHURI is easy and convenient to use. You can adjust the drying time by using a timer.

  • PUHURI is light, easy to move and keep clean.

  • Low consumption of electricity makes PUHURI extremely economical in use.

  • PUHURI prevents the spreading of epidermophytosis and moulds.

  • PUHURI blower has a service-free motor, and the casing and holders are made of shock-resistant ABS plastic.

PUHURI is used for drying gloves, footwear and other equipment with room-temperature air. The air is led into the drying objects through pipes that serve as holders.

PUHURI is easy to place on the floor, on a table or even in a cupboard. When placed in a cupboard, the air circulated by PUHURI will also dry the items placed above the dryer.


Technical data

VoltageV 230 Hz 50
Fuse size minA 6
Amp draw maxA
ProtectionIP X2

Weight11 kg
Length: 81 cm
Width: 35 cm
Height: 60 cm


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