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Metsoak DX4920 - Inhibited Acid Scale and Rust Remover

Metsoak DX4920 is a concentrated blend of inhibited phosphoric acid, detergents and wetting agents designed for the removal of rust, tarnish and heat treatment / welding scale from ferrous components. It is non-fuming and less aggressive than many other mineral acids but will effectively remove scale, rust and metal tarnish to a clean contamination free finish. The advanced detergent package enables the simultaneous removal of oils and greases removing the need for multiple stage cleaning processes.

Metsoak DX4920 has been proven to be highly effective against many forms of hard water scale including beer and milk stone, starch protein and soap containing deposits. This makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications across the manufacturing, reconditioning, maintenance, cleaning and food industries.

Metsoak DX4920 has also found special use in the paper manufacturing industry, where it is used to remove deposits from synthetic paper forming wires.

Metsoak DX4920 is suitable for use on all common metals, including stainless steel, chrome, aluminium and other hard surfaces including wood, plastic, vitreous china, ceramic tiled and painted surfaces. Components processed will be left in a slightly passivated condition which delays rusting and is suitable for subsequent painting. It is not suitable for use on copper and copper alloys which must be treated separately.

Features and benefits:

  • Liquid formulation
  • Suitable for automated dosing
  • Concentrated mineral acid / detergent blend
  • Cleans and conditions in a single process
  • Flexible application
  • Can be applied by hand, spray or immersion.
  • Phosphoric acid based
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of materials
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Suitable for use between 20 - 80°C
  • Non-fuming product 
  • Safer alternative to fuming acid based products


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